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3D-PT is a 3d printing service that will help you understand 3D printing.

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Selection of 3D printing service. Photo by Author
Selection of 3D printed items for sale in the Esty store.
3d printing service
Selection of Teachers Pay Teachers lessons. Photo by Author

The 1st Friday of every month 3D-PT will host various discounts on TeachersPayTeachers & Etsy. Please visit each 1st Friday of the month to support 3D-PT. **Discounts subject to terms & avalibility**


3D Printing Service for People with Disabilities

3d printing service. Phto by Brian Be
Author with Enable hand. Photo by Brian Be

3D printing provides an amazing platform for people with disabilities. From affordable prosthetic hands to individualized solutions, 3D-PT is a full range 3D printing service that can work with your unique needs.

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3D Printing Training

Stan at table for 3D printing service
3D-PT with a table of 3D printed fidgets. Photo by Author

3D-PT is a company owned and operated by Stan, a science teacher with 10 years of teaching experience. Stan is also on the Autism spectrum, and has a unique knowledge of how to work with others on the Autism spectrum.

3D-PT is unique as a small business owned and operated by a teacher on the Autism spectrum.

If you want a true teacher to provide hands-on education for 3D printing, look no further. Stan has 10 years of STEM and science education at the middle and high school level.

3D-PT can bring a custom 3D printing program to your home school,  scout troop, or business.

STEM Consultation

3D-PT can help you develop a STEM program for your school or maker space. Please email stan@3dpt.club for details and rates.

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Next Steps…

If you would like to book Stan for a 3D printing class or event, please email stan@3dpt.club

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Upcoming Events

Due to COVID-19, in-person events are suspended till further notice. If you would like to have a virtual / remote conference with 3D-PT, please email stan@3dpt.


3d printing service
Make 4 Covid page

Currently 3D-PT is not 3D printing items for Make4Covid as the demand for PPE has been met by industry. Thank you to everyone who contributed 3D printed face shields, ear savers & mask to those in need!

STEM Trades with TACT

3D-PT has partnered with Teaching the Autism Community Trades (TACT) to teach 3D printing and STEM Trade skills! If you know someone on the Autism Spectrum that would like to follow a Carrier & Technical Education (CTE) path, please contact TACT.

At TACT we are learning programing, CNC, 3D Printing and job skills! We are also working on our Part 107 drone pilots license. The class will be able to earn a good income as drone pilots, with out a technical certificate or college degree!

Free 3D Printing Resources

STEM, 3D printing, and Part 107 drone pilot lesson plans for sale on Teacher Pay Teacher.

3D printed items and castings are for sale on Etsy this holiday season.

3D Printing Project Video