Our Philosophy

3D-PT’s mission is to provide 3d printing service for all. From STEM education to Autism consultation, 3D-PT will work with you to meet your unique needs.

Owned and operated by Stan Baldwin, a STEM teacher on the Autism spectrum.

Our Story

3D-PT was founded in 2016 when Stan Baldwin was bit by the 3D printing bug. From the time he purchased his first 3D printer, Stan wanted to bring 3D printing to the world.

From the first printers to now, 3D-PT has worked with the Autism community and educators around Colorado. 3D-PT has partnered with Wings Over the Rockies, TACT, and others to provide 3D printing education to the general public.

In the future 3D-PT hopes to expand, providing a full range of 3D printing services and employing other people on the Autism spectrum.

Owner Stan Baldwin
Stan Baldwin, Owner of 3D-PT. Photo by Author.

Stan Baldwin

Founder / 3D printer

Stan Baldwin has 10 years of science education experience. He taught in places as diverse as rural Colorado and Bush country of Alaska. A CO state professional licensed science teacher.

Stan also is on the Autism spectrum. He feels that 3D printing can be a great way to provide accommodations in school and at home.


Next Steps…

If you would like 3D-PT to provide3D printing service, speak about 3D printing, or life on the Autism spectrum, please email [email protected].

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