Teachers want professional development (PD) that doesn’t suck. Teachers want PD that is taught by a teacher that has been in the field for years and is current on the technology and trends their students are working with.

They also want PD from someone who can speak from experience, not an academic or administrator that has been out of teaching for years.

Stan Baldwin is a CO State Professional Licensed Science Teacher with 10 years of STEM education experience. He also was diagnosed at age 18 with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Along the way he’s learned 3D printing and made it into a 2d carrier for himself.

Please reach out to Stan to have him present the next PD session to your staff! With fun 3D printed giveaways, Q&A time and authentic experience, 3D-PT can offer a truly useful PD session your staff won’t forget!

3D-PT can also provide CDE Continuing Education Credit Hours for your staff, helping them renew their teaching license!

Please email [email protected] for more info and rates!