Recommended Autism Resources

These are all recommended Autism Resources from my work with them. Please contact them for resources in your area.

Colorado Resources

Autism Community Store: Founded by a mom of a daughter on the spectrum, this store is the first of its’ kind in the country that sells Autism items and provides local resources to the community. ACS also has an annual fair that encourages Autism entrepreneurs.

Brewability: This microbrewery is founded by a SpEd teacher who wanted to provide jobs to those with disabilities. The bar is accessible and designed for the staff. Enjoy their various beers and pizza, as well as community music and outreach events.

Dirt Coffee: Coffee served by neurodiverse employees. Dirt provides job skill training and employment to those on the spectrum. They have a mobile coffee truck as well, which you can hire to cattier your event!

Colorado Department of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR): DVR is a state clearing house for disability resources! I accessed testing for Autism through DVR, as well as small business counseling and job coaching through DVR. They can also help with SSI and other benefits.

Autism Society of Colorado: The CO branch of ASC host social events and support groups. They also host an annual walk! They also list Autism friendly events and networking with providers and local resources. They are part of the National Autism Society which works to lobby government and provide trainings for employers.

SWAAAC: State Wide Assistive Technology, Augmentative & Alternative Communication is a state wide library for tech and support for all disabilities. From ACC and ergonomic tech to software and guidance, SWAAAC is a great resource for testing out different tech for your student. The Assistive Technology Expo is great for teachers to learn how to implement tech in the classroom.

3D-Pt presented on 3D printing at the 2022 expo!

Peak Parent Center: A parent resource hub, it includes school IEP/ 504 support.


TACT: Teaching the Autism Community Trades provides skilled trade job training to young adults on the spectrum. TACT provides job training in automotive, welding, STEM, carpentry, and electrical. I was a STEM teacher there for a year and know the staff works hard to support clients success! Clients leave TACT with good paying careers that will provide solid employment in the skilled trades!

Havern School: Havern provides K-8 education, as well as diagnostic services for children who need a formal diagnosis.

Accelerated School: AS provides middle – high school education for a wide range on neurodiversity types.

Laradon: Laradon provides a full range of services for those on the spectrum, from K-12 education, employment, and adult / community programs.

Temple Grandin School: Named after the famous Autism advocate, TGS is a middle-high school that fully supports Autistic students. Providing small classrooms, social skills curriculum, and employment assistance, TGS helps young students thrive.

Other Resources

ADAPT: The leading political action group for disabled civil rights, ADAPT started the Civil Rights movement for Disabilities actually started in Denver! ADAPT does political advocacy at the national and state level, including the DIA (Disability Integration Act) which supports the independence of people with disability’s OUTSIDE of nursing homes / institutions.

Atlantis Community, Inc: Atlantis provides independent living resources, as well as support for youth to adults, and other referral and support services. ADAPT and Atlantis work closely together to lobby and develop legal and political support.

Autistic Self Advocacy Network: ASAN is run by an Autistic Board of Directors and has an authentic voice for the Autism community. Providing Autism resources written by the community, ASAN is one of the few organizations actually lead by Autistic individuals (unlike Autism Speaks, which I DO NOT endorse)

Jodee Blanco: An anti-bulling activist, Jodee Blanco works with schools and churches to highlight the dangers of bullying, as well as the “It’s Not Just Joking Around (INJJA) anti-bullying program. I found her books to be painful to read because her story is similar to what I experienced in elementary & middle school.

John Elder Robertson: With a famous brother, a stellar music carrier with KISS and other top bands, to owning a high-end car repair shop, John Elder Robertson shows that ASD is an important part of his life. His book “Look Me in the Eye” is a story of his life before his diagnosis, along with the adventures with his brother Augusten Burroughs.

Jonathan Mooney: “The Short Bus” was Mooney’s way of learning about how to live with disability. He escaped his past labels to find himself by taking a 4 month road trip in a converted short bus. In this journey he learned that ‘normal’ means nothing, schools suck, and he can be happy with his dyslexia. It’s a fun irrelevant, challenging book to read.

Dr. Temple Grandin: Dr.Grandin is world renown for both her work in livestock handling and Autism. “Emergence: Labeled Autistic” shows her struggles at a time when Autism was not well known, and includes how she adapted by modifying farm equipment to help her with sensory meltdowns!

Resources Galore

This is a primary list of resources I’ve used here in Colorado. If you attend any of the fairs 3D-PT vends at, you’ll find plenty of other resources! I’ll expand this list in the future if you have any other resources you’d like to include!