Assistive Tech Silverware Grip

Assistive Tech Silverware Grip (ATSG) was designed first in 2015 as part of the Red Cross Enable Makeathon. This international design contest was a dream for makers and 3D printers, as we were challenged to design products in undeserved areas.

At the time I was learning CAD at Pickens Tech, and this project ended up dovetailing with my final project to make 3D printable fidgets!

Assistive Tech handles were designed and iterated during this time for silverware. I also expanded these grips for Handy Writer Grips to help with handwriting. I had fun with the early versions of the ATSG, which I developed with help from classmate Ty Lendit.

Proposal video for Enable Makeathon

While I did not win with my designs, I can still say that people have benefited from my ATSG’s. Some early feedback I got was to print the ATSG’s in flexible material.

After iterating the ATSG’s, that feedback has been productive! I’ve sold these to elderly grandparents and children with broken hands at different fairs!

Handy Writer Grips to help with Education
#Shorts for the newest version!
Grip Time Lapse

I’ve also entered the ATSG in challenges on Thingiverse (Though I’ve sense moved the files to Printables).

V2 of the ATSG
This was a Periscope Cast that I saved….

With the upcoming fair at the Autism Community Store, I printed up a fresh batch of V4.5 handles. These are in flexible TPU (NIngaFlex) filament, and are now on version 4.5 of the ATSG’s, which are easy to print in TPU WITHOUT any support material!

Shorts on the newest ATSG’s!

If you would like to order some ATSG’s, I’ll open up my etsy store soon.